19 April 1809

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1809 Danube Campaign Battles Map

The battle of Tengen, near Hausen-Tengen, was a lost chance for the Austrians to destroy the isolated III Corps of Marshal Davout.

Austria's Archduke Charles believed Davout and his 28,000 to still be at Ratisbon and was moving to concentrate his forces to surround them.

The experienced French Marshal, however, moved quickly to avoid the trap but found himself up against Field Marshal Prince Hohenzollern's III Corps of 28,000 troops.

Hohenzollern repeatedly asked for reinforcements from Charles, but for some reason the Austrian commander failed to heed his increasingly desperate requests.

Despite relatively equal numbers the Austrians were roughly handled by Davout's corps, which pushed past Hohenzollern and linked up with the main French army near Abensberg.

Both sides suffered around 4000 casualties.





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